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Improve your Credit Rating, Manage Loan Payments, Lower Insurance, and get out of Debt!

IMPACT Business Services works hard to resolve your credit problems; we remove questionable negative items from your credit report and place you on a customized and affordable pricing plan that is based on your current credit situation.

We cure your credit profile and align it with a more healthy financial future.

Send us your credit report to review and discuss your credit profile and what can be done. We believe a well-informed credit consumer should be YOU.

Despite consumer impressions that little could be done to change misreported information on their credit reports, consumers have rights under the FCRA* that can positively IMPACT their credit profiles.

We get results on your behalf.

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At Impact Business Services we understand that everyone's credit report and financial situation is different; that is why our programs are personalized to each client's need.

We will customize a credit restoration program to your unique credit situation and goals. Our programs are comprehensive, proven and affordable and provide you with exceptional customer service and support. Our credit programs are based on extensive research of consumer credit laws, experience with the credit bureaus and creditor tactics know-how.

Impact Business Services has helped hundreds of clients correct and update their credit profiles resulting in consistently higher credit scores for your long-term financial success.

* FCRA-The Fair Credit Reporting Act is legislation passed by the Federal Trade Commission protecting credit consumers rights.