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Get out of Debt and Increase Credit Score with our Credit Repair Programs & Debt

Impact Business Services also known as IBS was formed by industry experts specialized in repairing credit and debt settlement. IBS has had a tremendous amount of success since the business was established in the year 2000.

IBS has earned the trust of thousands people looking for a fresh start with credible solutions to their credit problems. Throughout the past years we have identified, reviewed, and worked with several credit report repair processes and now we have bundled the processes into one powerful service.

At IBS we ensure our clients will benefit from personalized credit coaching along with customized debt reduction and credit repair programs. We believe our clients receive the most affordable, yet best credit repair and customer service on the market from a trusted organization. All services are personalized, affordable, risk free and our clients can cancel at any time.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer clients the learning tools to maintaining good credit so we can provide them with peace of mind for their current and future living situation.

We take pride, are dedicated and have years of experience to educating and assisting our clients re–establish credit; our aim is to get clients out of debt and to keep them debt- free.

Our focus is on assisting clients achieve their financial objectives. We get results with hard work, respect and knowledge for our client's personal and business needs.

We set the necessary steps to help clients re-establish credit, to help build a solid financial foundation to gain or have access to the things that matter most for our clients.

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There are many reason for having good credit, from lower insurance quotes to job character reference.

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